Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we are here, day 1

first of all, my shift key doesn't work---so nothing capatalized here.

we had a good day. pretty long. checked in at 8am and they couldn't get to samuel's bath until 7:30pm, which meant bedtime was about 10 pm according to his body that is making the time switch.

we saw lots of doctors.

and honestly, i keep trying to decide what to write and i just can't.

i will load a few pics of sam.

the main thing on my mind as i am going to bed, strangely enough, is not even about my child who is asleep in the bed next to me (we spend the first night in the hospital). i cannot stop thinking about the teenagers i have seen here. i don't know how to put it in words...it seems too sensitive/sacred to mention. i just feel intensely for them as i know their allergies, eczema, and maybe asthma has really affected them mentally over the years...which is quite the norm for such kids as they grow older. adorable kids that...are having quite a hard time.

please, if you know a teen with health issues that have seriously affected their daily lives, please be kind and sensitive. i've overhead a few stories today and looked into some sad eyes and want to help.

but for now, here is samuel.

on the plane. loving it.

in his bath. starting tomorrow he will have three a day, tapering off over time.

mummified (this is to help his skin absorb as much moisture as possible post bath. under blankets is sweatsuit. under that are wet pjs. under that are wet tube socks on arms and legs. we call them jedi wraps, coined by daddy.

headed for sleep. in bed watching monsters inc.

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Anonymous said...

sweet boy! praying! luv, jen