Saturday, September 24, 2011

Denver Here We Come!

We leave in about 36 hours. At this point I have no doubt that we are supposed to go. I am so excited and even humbled that we will be under the care of many brilliant people, in the area of our very specific needs. So glad that I will not be in charge for two weeks.

Part of the reason I decided to blog again is because I want to share our journey. I love stories, particularly true ones, about people. I think stories have so much power. They can teach us very important things about ourselves and the world in ways that mere fact and fiction can't. While doing so they are known to encourage, inspire, convict, and produce great interest/empathy for those unlike ourselves. They can bring you to your knees in laughter or pain.

In sharing our story I hope to do a few things: update family and friends/people who I know are interested. Secondly, I have a passion to educate, encourage and advocate for those who are trying to figure out their child's (or friend or family member's) food allergies. At the same time, I know that most people do not understand these things. Sometimes that shows itself in curious, kind ways and sometimes such inexperience can be downright mean. Usually it's somewhere in the middle. I have grown somewhat okay with all the above, as I try to remind myself that the meanies simply cannot comprehend. I might be the same way were it not for having S. And, I want to be okay with that. Just don't be mean to my kid.

With that said, regardless of who you are, you are welcome to come with us on our journey. It is quite rocky and not so pretty at times. We often perform well, but most of the time we are a mess. For the most part, we no longer pretend to be something other than what we really are. We are Christians who both desperately treasure the Gospel of Jesus, and yet struggle to love, believe, and hope in almost every area of our lives.

Another purpose in me blogging is to ask readers to pray for us. I have two specific prayers right now:

1. Samuel is officially off antihistimines until at least Tuesday per doctor's orders (he has to be for his initial allergy testing). We have (David and myself) no expectations of sleeping between now and then bc that is the best way to cope with being up hour upon hour with a child who is miserably itchy through the night. We pray that Samuel will get as much rest as possible, and, us too.
2. We had someone pray for us the other night, "Lord, give them answers, but if not, give them faith." I think that is going to be my prayer through this whole experience in Denver, which such surrender is rare for me. I am not there yet though, yet praying to pray that!

So I wrote the above post while David and Samuel were at the movies watching Lion King. Since then we have had baths, gotten both boys to bed...but it seems S is sick. Symptoms point to stomach virus. So, now we pray that it is short-lived and we are able to board that plane on Monday.

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The Morrisons said...

Thanks for posting Ash. Praying. Being a mama to sick kids is just plain hard. Love to you!