Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Video About Food Allergies

I often read blogs dedicated to food allergies, written by mamas whose children have them. I am not at the place where I want create my own despite how helpful theirs are to me. However, I do want to occasionally share about Samuel's food allergies. They are a constant concern of David and mine. I never knew how all-encompassing a food allergy could be, much less the many that Samuel has. I think this video does a good job at communicating some of their basics. Thought you might be interested as I find that I have the desire to educate others in hopes of protecting children with food allergies.


The Morrisons said...

Great Post Ashley. I just pray our boys will outgrow these soon, and am obviously thankful that Owen's aren't life threatening. Hope you all are well.

Annie Singletary said...

good video, you are a voice that is needed. we pray for your family and for Samuel often.