Monday, October 13, 2008

I am trapped in our bedroom while Samuel is trying to get to sleep in the closet (yes, for those of you who did not know that is where he is living these days). Anyway, here are a few random pics from S's party. My nephew took much better ones which I will soon add.
Like father like son. We found a cake mix that was free of everything that Samuel is allergic to. Not quite delicious, but we think Samuel liked it.

So, trying to feed him dinner of avocado afterwards wasn't that easy. Notice how cute this outfit is. Niki made it for him; she is amazing.

Typical Emma and Samuel pics.

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The Morrisons said...

Glad he was able to enjoy some cake! I found some great allergy cookbooks on that have some really good ideas for our poor allergy sufferers. It is nice to think that Owen gets to enjoy muffins, pancakes, etc. too. He has loved most of the things I have tried. If you want to borrow them, I could try to get them to you over Thanksgiving while I am in Memphis. You could page through them and pick out some things to try. Let me know. Hope you are loving being back in Memphis. We would love to see you and meet Samuel over the holidays if time allows. Talk to you soon.