Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best Sister, Best Aunt

I could not have had this baby without the help of my sister. Which, should not come as much of a surprise after she managed to plan my entire wedding two and a half years ago. Similar to the wedding preparation, I called her daily with a question about this or that while pregnant. I am her elder by 11 months, but she knows all about this baby thing. She has just left from her second visit since Samuel was born which adds up to about twenty hours in the car coming from Memphis. While here she shopped, cooked, cleaned, consoled, laughed and cried with me, woke up with me, ran errands for and with me, and much more. At one point I had to tell her not to vacuum the dust bunnies that are hiding under my bed, nor sew up the hole that is already in one of Samuel's sheets. I do love that when she left my house was clean, laundry done, and my fridge full of goodies, but really it was just good to have her here. Thanks Nik.


Melissa said...

How great to have a sister like Niki? I know you loved having her there, Ash. Maybe you'll want to move back to the South to be near family after all. (We can always hope!) Looks like you're doing great & such a natural at this mom thing...we all knew you would be!

Dan, Annie, Will and Mocha said...

So great to have sisters. Glad you had her.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is the second time that I have attempted this. I am not good with computers, like my sis and dave. I even forgot my password--so I am anonymous. I just had to say that (for the 2nd time) how I was the one that recieved the true blessing from the very forgetful hours in the car to visit in St. Louis. To be able to spend time with my new nephew and best friend, ash, and your amazing husband was the best thing that I have done in a long time. Everytime I think about what I am missing every day--I am so sad!!! I am so proud of the two of you--Samuel is very fortunate to have a mother that puts his needs first and adores him and a father that sings to him and talks to him about the future. Please give him a kiss from his aunt and tell him that his fav. cousin, Emma, prays for him EVERY night! We love you, Simmons family!