Friday, November 11, 2011

normal life, good life

1. mimi carol has come for a visit!

2. followed by mimi vv's visit

3. samuel found a snake in the back yard! he brought it to me as if a worm!

4. eli left me a note...i found this cleaning up after lunch one day!

5. aunt b came, aka, aunt bestsy. it was a fun time, but we didn't take any pictures, sadly.
6. two things i have no pictures of:
yesterday when i picked eli up from mother's day out, his teacher told me that he had sleep walked during their nap time!
today on our way to our local bookstore, samuel told me quiet earnestly, studdering and all, that he asked Jesus to let there be no story time at the bookstore (he prefers to play). ah! his first acknowledged prayer of supplication unanswered! i knew there would be story time, so i tried to brace him, but...

7. just a thought about samuel's skin, as so many still ask about colorado. below is a random picture taken in august. his worst spots are covered up, and yet there is much to see. i don't have a great one to compare, but his skin has been practically clear since returning. a huge praise. as a result he is sleeping better and far less anxious, etc. thank you God.

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Anonymous said...

love these stories, love those boys!