Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Red Flag Removed

Something amazing happened today. I feel I need to get out my notes from seminary re: modern day miracles, to understand them theologically. But, it really doesn't even matter, because I believe God intervened dramatically today.
Long story short: insurance carrier is now telling us that they see no problem with our policy and the hospital's billing...after they were adamant before that we would incur this fee, costing mot likely around $8K.

Praise to God, who heard the cry of my heart, and the prayers of close friends and family. And, thanksgiving to Him who loves little Samuel even more than we do. I often struggle with doubt in his goodness and his activity in our lives, and feel grateful to have seen Him work this one out. I hope I don't forget this.

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*the Jones family* said...

Incredible, Ashley. You need to write a book. I am just now catching up on this whole recent story of the past month and a half....sorry I've been MIA as a friend. How wonderful that God has provided for y'all to be there.