Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Parenting and Grace, Part Two

24 hours later. Just a hint of what happened yesterday remains.

I am tired, need to go to bed, but also feel the need to communicate what happened in our lives today. Long story short, this morning we took Samuel to the ER because he was having trouble breathing after drinking soymilk that I accidentally gave him. The whole thing was really scary, but he seems to be okay now.
Having a child with food allergies is so mind-boggling and scary. I am very diligent, always so careful what he puts in his mouth and touches, and yet, somehow I picked up soymilk instead of his usual ricemilk from Whole Foods last night. The packaging looks identical except the obvious labeling. On top of that, after he started reacting, for some reason I was so confused and didn't trust myself...and did not give him the Epi-pen when I should have. I was afraid to give it to him, to be honest. Fortunately, God was gracious. I am so thankful that we live less than 3 miles from a hospital, David was home due to it being Good Friday, and everything else that transpired served my little man. After a couple of powerful shots, he was breathing fine despite his little body looking like a burn victim.
Despite being thankful, I also just feel sad and worn out by it all. He is allergic to all the top 8 allergens (milk, eggs, nuts (peanut and tree), wheat, soy, and fish(shellfish and other). His blood and scratch tests indicate that soy is one of the least of his concerns...and we had anaphalaxis to THAT! So I just feel sad at the severity of his allergies. Praying they go away. Until then, just glad he is sleeping soundly in the next room.


The Morrisons said...

Oh, Ashley-so sorry to hear this. I have noticed too those similar packages and thought that it was way too close to be safe. You should write them and ask them to consider changing it a bit, so others don't make that same mistake. Poor guy-so thankful you guys were kept safe through it all. Hope to see you soon. We will get to Memphis one of these days!

At the Edge of the Water said...

Ash: I think you are brave and watchful. We live with the same issue - although only with peanuts. I love the way you are embracing the care that S. needs. And you are not a bad parent. I admire you from here.

Annie Singletary said...

i had no idea that his allergies were that severe. i'm sure that is so challenging. poor little man.
so glad that everything is ok.
o that would get me too, beleive it or not i've bought rice milk instead of soy milk before because the boxes are so similar.
God is definitely at work in some way that might be difficult to understand, it's hard for me even to imagine how hard all this is for you guys.,
Please know that we are praying for you and for those allergies to subside with age.
love you guys.

Becky Swann said...

Isn't grace a wonderful thing! I'm so glad God is better at watching over our children than we are! You sound like you are doing an amazing job, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be, I have trouble figuring out what to feed Ellen and she has no allergies!So thank you for sharing, it is always a relief to hear other moms have to rely on God as well! I will pray he out grows those alergies!

Corrin said...

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Corrin said...

I'm praying you get a trader joes.

Melissa said...

Bless his precious little heart. And yours! OK, need new pics. Of you, the belly, and Samuel.