Sunday, March 9, 2008


I bought this shirt for Samuel several months before he was born. When I saw it in the store there was no question that I would buy it for him. I brought it home, hung it in his room, and looked at it often. I knew then that if there were one word that could describe him it would be "loved". Even then David and I felt tremendous love for this growing baby inside me, how much more today. It also communicates my favorite theological idea...that we are loved by God in spite of ourselves. Perhaps I should have taken his picture when he was covered in spit up moments later to better communicate God's love for us.

David says that there aren't pictures of me on our blog. I take most of the pictures, so there are not too many to post. However, just this morning, as I had recently woken and was getting coffee, he took this one because he said Samuel would like these types of "real life" pictures. If he ever does see this picture I will tell him that he had woken me THREE times the night before, hence him on my hip at the coffee pot...certainly real life.

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Anonymous said...

Samuel is so cute! I love the "loved" shirt. Very precious indeed!