Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just an Update

Like Father Like Son

Anyone know why Samuel has been doing this lately? He arches his back with great enthusiasm and pushes his face into the bed. Even when he wakes upset and I come in the room he stays seemingly stuck in this position without turning to see me. It is strange. I think it could be that he is learning how to roll over and has discovered that it feels good to tense his muscles up like that???

A reinactiment from last night. Note the socks on hands (to prevent scratching his face) and the rolled blankets along the edges(to prevent him banging his head). Wow, I am even more of a protective mom than I thought.

Great news...yesterday Samuel took TWO naps that were both 1.5 hours! We were so proud of him as he hasn't done this since his first month of life.

He is becoming increasingly mobile in his crib. Last night he let out a yell about 10:00. When we got to his room we discovered he had placed himself at the head of the bed, completely perpindicularly. We don't know how he did it as his body (we now know) is the exact length of the width of his crib. He's also woken himself many times lately with his head banged up against the corner railings. As a result we bought bumper pads yesterday. I feel really rebellious using them as they are so controversial right now. But, we think it is the right choice.

As if we do not already have enough drama in our lives, we are MOVING to the unit above us. We love our apartment, but have recently realized how fortunate we have been as the two girls who were living above us were hardly ever home. In their last week prior to moving out we were shocked at how loud it can be. A couple of days later our landlord showed the unit to two twenty-something year old guys that looked like they knew how to have a good time, making David and I quite anxious at the prospect of just about anyone living above us, especially someone loud. So, we are moving up their rather than taking that risk. It is not as nice as our unit, but it does have three bedrooms which will make it possible for people to stay with us when they (you) visit. We look forward to the day when we live in a house. No one above us playing loud music at 2 a.m., no odd colors on the wall, unless we want it that way, and no Bosnian boys playing soccer in our front yard while loudly practicing their favorite English curse words.

Samuel will be three months old on the 8th! We have really seen him mature lately via his facial and vocal expressions and interest in the things around him. He has just recently settled on his favorite self-soothing mechanism: sucking his hands (or fingers when his crazy mama doesn't have socks on his hands). This is an answer to prayer as I prayed he would "find his fingers". At his last doctor's appointment he was in the 90% percentile for both height and weight. David and I cannot believe how good-natured he is, how in love with him we both are, and how fortuante we are to be his parents.


Anonymous said...

He is getting soo big! And still as cute as can be.

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

Oh I wish we could meet Samuel. I know he must have such a fun personality!

Wow, how did he wedge himself in his cib like that? Poor little thing, that must have bee a shock to wake up head to toe crib!

I am so out of the loop when it comes to baby stuff! I can't even imagine how bumpers (is that what they are called?) could be controversial...hmm I'm going to have a lot to learn if we ever have kids because growing up we were into everything, jumping off and often falling off everything too! I'm glad you know more than I do about the wild world of parenting!

I'm glad you guys have a blog. It's so great to be able to catch up a little on your lives! I talked to Rachael Looney yesterday and she said you guys have been so incredible at making them feel welcome (not that this is surprising but still thought it was sweet how you guys have taken care of them).