Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last night David, Samuel, and I drove home after spending five days with my sister and her family in Memphis. Ever since then, I have had to work really hard to get Samuel to sleep, in fact he maybe slept 30 minutes today. He has been inconsolable. I think he misses my family already. I feel the same. For five days we had people loving on us, and serving us left and right. It was great. It was also great just to have life around us. People laughing, doorbells ringing, a dog and a cat in the same room. Most days it is just Samuel and I. We have many neighbors who live together as an extended family. I know that situation has its downfalls, but lately it has looked very attractive, especially when the days here are so long, grey, and cold. We did not take many pictures, but here are a few. Oh, David's mom and cousin came up, as well as my mom, which was really good too.

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