Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Samuel is a Month Old (11-8-07)

Weight: 11 pounds (85 percentile)
Heigth: still 22 inches (75 percentile)
Eye Color: Still blue
Nicknames: Buddy, Sugar Booger, Baby Eagle, Weasel (because of his efferts to be unswaddled)
Hobbies: Waving arms around slowly and whimsicly, staring at shadows and light
Dislikes: mom "cleaning" his eyes and putting in eyedrops, being swaddled
Accomplishments: Laying on his belly and lifting head 90 degrees, smiling, cutting down to about 17 diapers per day.
What mom likes best: his face (espcially when she goes to feed him in the middle of the night) and his smell
What dad likes best: his eyes, observing him observe what's going on around him
His first prayer requests: He wants you to pray for his reflux! He has some serious vomitting daily. He started taking Zantac today and we are hoping that helps him. He truly gets all anxious and stressed by it and looses his breath. Of course the whole thing makes mom anxious too. Pray the medicine would work and he would quickly outgrow this.


The Zevacs said...

We DEFINITELY know all about reflux. So sorry ya'll are dealing with it. We have lots of tips to share if needed!

Samuel is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! 1 month! He is getting so big!! I love the picture with his arms outscretched!! So cute!

I'll be praying for the reflux too!

Sheri Hogue said...

what a cutie pie!!! He has grown a ton already!

Sorry that you are dealing with reflux - we'll be praying that the medicine will help and that this will pass quickly. It IS alarming when it happens!

Jason and Jennifer Haynes said...

DAVID SIMMONS! What a great surprise to find you guys' blog tonight! Your little guy looks so precious! (Sorry about the reflux...I don't really have much baby knowledge but it seems like so many have it and you feel so bad for the little ones.) Ashley looks beautiful, you all look like your glowing with joy. Jason and I both miss you and I can't wait to tell him about your blog! When the family is ready for a new adventure, you have a place in hawaii with us any time!

Matthew said...

We had the reflux thing with Noah too; it will soon pass. Congratulations guys.