Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Any Day Now

We are hoping to not be parents whose life is centered around their child/children...yet, with that said, we did create this blog with our first in mind. I wish I could say I might have what it takes to keep up a blog without the great motivation of a baby (sharing all the latest details with our family and friends who live so far away), but I am not sure I would.

So, let me give you an update... his due date is tomorrow, October 4. Today I finished my last day of teaching, which is so great as it was really starting to be difficult. David is working hard to stay ahead of his classes as we know our little man will take him out of comission for some time. Much has been done in preparation for his arrival, now we are just waiting to meet him.

We are scheduled to be induced next Tuesday night if he has not come by then. So, we should have a baby by this time next week! We will let you know the details, via this blog if not another way. We would love your prayers for his safe and healthy delivery.


CoopMia&Livvy's Dad said...

I don't know where you live now, but if you're close to Searcy you can go jump on Carriann's trampolines at the gym. It worked for her first "induction."

David said...

i have heard of people doing this, and i thought that surely it was not true. i cannot imagine! ouch!especially little, petite carriann! thanks for the advice; i think i'll go on a walk instead!

Melissa said...

You are in my thoughts & prayers everyday. I can't wait until baby Simmons makes his arrival!

Dan, Annie, Will, Sadie and Mocha said...

I'm so happy to have found you on the blog world. I've been asking Dan what your blogs name was forever and he kept forgetting. Can't wait to hear about the little pea pod very soon. He will be so cute and wonderful.